Monday, August 16, 2010

Revvin' Up

A really good friend of mine got me a Model of my 1965 Plymouth for my birthday--Actually not really a model, but apparently they used to be promotional at the dealership (promotional!) I can't tell you how stoked I was to get it...
Its been a while since i've blogged--the truth is, I think the whole social networking crap is getting out of hand. That's not exactly why I haven't been; I've been hard at work putting out Ink Posioning as an actual physical zine. Having said that, I know that alot of people use their computer as the door to the rest of the world...
So, I've decided to start putting out the comic Ink Poisoning online (!) I am going to post parts every week very that those of you that are glued to your screens can read it too. And then when it's done, you can pick up the tactile, silkscreened copy of the zine. Which is much more exciting, in my view.
But, I got some things to tie up first, so you'll just probably just see me ranting for a minute or so. Btw, I've been watching some amazing movies put out by Something Weird Video. What? you don't know what that is?! Lucky for you I posted the trailer, eh?

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