Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blamo! Mixtape #3 for June...!

Finally! Something going on 'round these parts...
Here's a simple yet new mixtape for you all: Blamo Mixtape #3. My sincerest "bad" about not being around these parts as of late; I've been really putting the petal to the metal, and working on a whole slew of stuff--which may or may not be done by the year 3000, but dammit I'm on it! The thing is, I am not very goodabout blogging about "what I ate for breakfast/what shoes are the dopest/what size shit I gave the toilet bowl", but for those that have been following this blog, my apologies--im back among the least in terms of online.
At least...I should be *smile*
This one is decidedly "Urban" (code word for Black, or Modern Negro Music, whatever you'd like to call it. ) For those of you that wanted to get your "hillypsychobilly" on don't fear! I got something in store for you as always you can listen to it embedded in the video below, or download it HERE. Also, If you're in the LA area be sure to check out this VIDEO for the Codak/Kofie show @ Ronin Gallery tonight (Friday the 5th). It's gonna be amaaaaazing, son!

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